Hard Rock Cafe, Ulaanbaatar opened its doors on December 10th, 2016 becoming the 97th branch of the Famous Worldwide Franchise.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ulaanbaatar has earned its place among the Top 10 the Best Designed Hard Rock Cafes with its modern and Mongolian style intertwined beautifully to create unique space and environment for Guests.
Open daily with Live Entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays! 


On the first floor of Hard Rock Cafe, Ulaanbaatar the first thing You will see is our Rock Shop where you can find authentic Hard Rock Cafe, Ulaanbaatar clothing for men, women and children. Also, you can buy souvenirs, Collectors' pins, glass wares and other cool stuff with iconic Hard Rock logo. It is perfect memorable gifts for anyone.


Feel the taste of the famous LEGENDARY BURGER with a 49-years history that has never lost it's flavor since 1971, and enjoy a variety of delicious dishes such as JUMBO combo, HICKORY smoked ribs, and NY steak.


We have talented and energetic Barrockerz which led by an internationally experienced Filipino Bartender who will surprise you with Fantastic Hard Rock cocktails sich as HURRICANE cocktail with its own BAR ROCK SHOW every night.


By visiting us, you can experience the museum of more than 80 memorabilia worn or used by many celebreties such as Madonna, Robbie Williams, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Frank Sinatra. Also, enjoy the weekly celebrity cover show and tribute night performances with live music only at Hard Rock Cale, Ulaanbaatar.

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